Why Recovering Addicts Find Outpatient Drug Rehab So Helpful

October 7, 2022
Drug Rehab

Drug addiction is one of the most difficult situations that an individual or a family will ever have to face. One of the reasons is that it is an illness that will lie to you. It will tell you that you are cured, when in fact, you will never be cured

You can be sober. And you can live every day of your life sober, one day at a time. But that’s not “cured”, that is simply “sober. In one moment it could be gone and you could be right back in the midst of a battle for your life. That’s why outpatient drug rehab works so well for some patients. Here are a few facts about this kind of treatment and why it might be best for you:

It Creates a Smoother Transition to Long-Term Recovery 

This is crucial to staying sober in the long run. Some patients feel like once in-patient care ends they are just “thrown back to the wolves”. Outpatient care helps bring stability to your extended recovery.

It Can Be Combined with Inpatient Care

Sometimes inpatient care is necessary to help patients overcome their dependency issues, especially in the early stages. Using a combination of the two treatments offers a greater chance of success. 

It Offers Real-World Exposure and Experience

The fact is that no matter how well your treatment goes, at some point you will have to re-enter the world and face all of those old triggers and temptations. Outpatient drug rehab allows you to do that in a more controlled manner, and always with help.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Fits into Most Schedules

Schedules and obligations are among the biggest factors in addicts deciding against treatment. Outpatient care eliminates those objections by allowing you to continue in your daily life while still receiving the assistance you need.

It Is Usually Less Expensive than In-Patient Care

People often cite financial costs as one of the primary reasons they are unable to attend substance abuse centers. But with outpatient programs, the fees are typically much lower.

There Are Different Levels of Treatment Available

This means that you can start with one type of treatment, such as intensive outpatient where you begin with a few days a week at a residential facility, followed by a full-on outpatient program.

It Provides Increased Flexibility

Since sobriety is a life-long journey, it only makes sense that at different times you may need different treatment. Even in the worst-case scenario of a relapse, you can re-enter as an in-patient, regain your footing, and return to outpatient when you’re ready.

Don’t Let Any Obstacles or Excuses Keep You from Getting Healthy 

There are so many things that can hold an addict back from making the decision to retake control of their life. Fear, apprehension, financial resources, personal relationships, all these things can interfere with you getting the help you need. 

But nothing is more important than you getting well again. All of these other things will pass or still be there for you when you are ready. And with outpatient care, less of your life has to be put on hold.

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