Take Women’s Blazers & Coats to another Level with This Collection

August 25, 2022

These days, blazers for women are the rage, ruling in every facet of the fashion industry. These trendy outfits are the perfect addition to any attire. Those days are gone when blazers for women were constrained to only office; now, many celebrities, influencers, and fashion enthusiasts are carrying them on various occasions. So, a blazer is a staple garment for every woman’s wardrobe these days.

How do you style a blazer in different ways?

Inspired by many fashion influencers, we will tell you how to wear a blazer stylishly.

  • You can wear a loose-fitting blazer with matching trousers to make your look ultrafashionable and trendy. This will undoubtedly add a touch of sophistication to your attire. 
  • To make you look like a supermodel, you can purchase an oversized blazer that can cover you sufficiently. You may add a waist belt to accessorize your look.
  • Choose an oversized blazer and some denim shorts to make an apt look for every season. This simple yet elegant style will transform your look from the girl next door to a boss lady. Highlight your look with nude make-up and gold/rose gold accessories.
  • To spice up your everyday look, you may add a classy blazer to it. It is the utmost way to glam up a boring attire and take your style to the next level. You may wear a black blazer and neutral accessories to add elegance to your look. 
  • If you are planning a formal look, a “check” print blazer will never go out of fashion. A check print blazer creates a classy and sophisticated look. 
  • Whether party or formal wear, a floral print blazer is apt for every purpose. Wear a floral blazer with a camisole and pants to make your look. Pair your floral blazer with a single-colored dress to rock at the parties. 

A blazer is a quintessential outfit for every woman. To upgrade your style, purchase and wear a blazer in the ways mentioned above.

Coats for women

It could be an arduous job for a woman (especially one with a good sense of fashion) to find clothes that will give her warmth and a stylish look. Coats for women could be just the perfect solution to this dilemma.

Different types of coats for women 

Coats look good with any attire, and you can flaunt them in every occasion. The coats are available in various styles, colors, patterns, designs, and cuts. 

Pea coat: If you want to wear a coat on formal occasions, then a pea coat will be the best choice for you as it makes you look professional and attractive.

Leather coat: These coats are made up of leather, and a woman looks more feminine and chic by wearing these coats. Once you wear a leather coat, you don’t feel any cold even amid the chilly nights of the winter.

Trench coat: Originally, these coats are designed as an alternative to heavy coats; women highly appreciate them due to their style and smartness. You can wear these coats in the cool mornings, or you can wear them to casual parties with your friends. This off-season attire should be present in your wardrobe. These coats are available in beige, cream, coral, or neutral shades.

Coats for women and blazers have unending styling potential and can create many glamorous looks. You can purchase trendy blazers and coats from online platforms like Tata Cliq Luxury, Ajio Luxe, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, etc. The sites will embrace you with some stylish collections of Ritu Kumar, Krishna Mehta, Archana Singh, Natasha J, First Resort, etc., accentuating your fashion statement in manifolds.


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