Six Ways to Work With PDFs that can double your productivity

August 6, 2022

What’s the most efficient way to manage all of your PDF files? We’ve partnered up with Sophie Knowles from PDF Pro to provide you with the most effective tips and tricks.

With today’s environmentally-friendly ‘paperless’ offices, the growth of ebook publishing and processes like tax-filing and credit applications are all moving online.

This means we can anticipate receiving more PDF files in our mailboxes as well as the possible issues that could arise from these files.

If you’re not keen on purchasing a license that is expensive in Adobe software however nonetheless like to make, edit and distribute PDFs, here are for a few tool suggestions like Soda PDF that will become an office expert in converting, editing and mastering this common file format.

1. Edit an existing PDF (by convert it to Word)

You’ve probably experienced this ache getting a PDF that has text that needs to be updated or edited.

In the past when you had to type the contents of a new document, which was blank to be able to alter the text. Print the PDF, erase the text that was already there, then write over it, then scan the document. Both of these processes take some time. The good news is that you don’t need to worry about this any more.

Make sure you do yourself a favour convert the PDF file to Word in order to modify the text within the Word document prior to saving the PDF as PDF.

It is possible to do this by uploading your file to Google Docs, which is an easy, cost-free and relatively painless method for conversion of PDFs into a .doc as well as .docx file.

Note that certain software may modify the formatting and spacing that your PDF files have, make sure you double-check it prior to uploading your document to ensure that it is converting correctly.

2. Create a PDF

Do you need to sign the PDF? The traditional way to do this was to print the PDF and sign it, then rescan it, then return it but it’s neither cost-effective or resource efficient.

With all the paperwork being done and sent via files-sharing or email services, you shouldn’t have to delay an important business transaction or delay the filing of crucial financial or legal paperwork simply because you don’t have access to printers. Reduce the need for trees and time by signing the document electronically.

To sign your name to a PDF document, you can make use of a premium service such as DocuSign (good choice to look into if you have to sign documents for a professional purpose) You can also check the article that offers free alternatives.

3. Make a PDF an image

If you are sharing images often, or are web-based developer who works using PDF images, you might have had issues with PDFs.

Although PDFs provide crisp, high-resolution, they could become more complicated to send via email than standard image files due to their size. With so many people using mobile devices, you could have issues accessing and viewing PDFs on your smartphone or tablet.

For webmasters who use PDFs on their sites, the use of a PDF on a website demands that visitors have an external plug-in installed or the Adobe application, which can cause an additional time to download the document and may prevent hundreds of users from viewing the document.

You can also avoid the hassle and convert your PDF file in JPG file format. The resolution of the image is lower but as long as the PDF file isn’t required to be printed , or increased for example, perhaps you’re sending the file to a customer or manager to get feedback the conversion to the JPG file is an option that can be used by almost anyone.

JPG files are straightforward to save, open and open on tablets and mobile phones The majority of software for managing projects are more adept to handle image files than PDFs.

Another method of converting PDFs into images is an convert PDF to PNG. This is a very beneficial feature for graphic designers for instance, who often have to modify logos and images that have text.

4. Merge PDFs

From the outside, it doesn’t appear like something you’d use frequently However, it’s far more effective than it appears.

Are you looking to create impressive complete presentations that showcase your work to management, colleagues or customers? You’ll need to know how you can merge PDFs so that you can display multiple types of file in a sleek presentation.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how you can combine Excel spreadsheets pie charts, charts, graphic images and text into one document and make it easy to share , this is the solution to follow.

To combine multiple files, you must first convert each file to PDF. A tip: Choose an editor for PDF that offers tools for converting the most widely used file formats as well as supports merging files so that you don’t need to switch between various sites and applications.

5. Remove existing text

The capability to erase existing text and insert new content is helpful if you’re constantly filling forms, or if you want to cover sensitive information from the document prior to sharing it.

Certain PDF editors, such as PDFfiller provides tools to incorporate images and shapes as well as text that can be customized. For instance, if you want to highlight a specific area of the document, then you can make use of an arrow or draw the area around it to provide an image reference.

6. Take pages off

Simplify, simplify, simplify. Whatever effort we try, lots of us struggle with overwhelming information, so the ability to discern the noise is crucial in achieving your goals.

Are you in possession of a huge document to submit to a colleague, but only want their opinion on a few pages? Utilize a program that lets you to remove pages from PDF. You’ll be able to send the correct information to those who require it fast which will allow users to reply in a timely fashion.

Conclusion The process of becoming a PDF Master

The cloud-based PDF editing services of today provide tools and useful details to manage, edit and protect your PDF files online and with more accessibility as never before. Furthermore some of the options that are featured here let you establish an account, which means you can log in any time you want to access your documents on any device.

The capability to use PDFs isn’t only efficient, but by making it easier to save time, expense and stress of printing annotations, rescanning and printing forms and documents, it’s beneficial for the environment as well.

It doesn’t matter if you use PDFs on a every day basis, or just once or twice a year you’ve acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to master this renowned file format.

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