yumiko fukushima

May 18, 2021

This is my personal favorite sushi recipe. The recipe is Japanese and is so simple you’ll love it.

The recipe is so simple it might be the only thing you’ll ever make as a Japanese person. The ingredients are rice, soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, ginger, and a bit of sugar and spice. It’s so simple, you’ll want to make it at least once before you die.

When I first read the recipe in Japanese, I was kind of blown away by how good it was. But then I read it in our English translations, and I’ve been trying to make it ever since. Although I’ve made it about twenty times, I’ve never made it with any of the ingredients that it calls for. My version is a bit more complex, but with the same basic ingredients.

In Japan, the best way to kill off a zombie is to cut it into small morsels. That is, you get the zombie in the first place by cutting it into pieces. Then you add the ingredients, and you cook the zombie until it is soft and mushy. I’m not sure how much of the recipe is necessary, but I imagine it really helps keep the zombie alive.

I’ve had a pretty decent go at this recipe, but with the ingredients you would need to kill a zombie with, I wasn’t sure whether I’d get the zombie to the desired crispness. I was surprised that I didn’t achieve that. Instead, I got a bit of a pink aftertaste, which I’m not sure is a good thing. I also don’t know whether or not the cooking process is necessary, and I only had a small amount of the ingredients.

Yumiko’s recipe has a bit more to it. It calls for 2 parts of garlic, 1 part of onion, and 1 part of ginger. The ingredients for the garlic and onion are almost enough to make me feel hungry again, but I imagine this recipe does more to keep the zombie alive than that. The recipe calls for some extra salt, pepper, and sugar, so I assume it isnt just a way to add flavor to the zombies.

I wonder about the extra salt, which is what makes me think this is a tasty recipe. I suppose I could add it, but i don’t see how. I think it would just make the zombies stronger and more aggressive.

It has that nice bite that I love in other garlic recipes, but it is more of a flavor enhancer, and doesnt really add that much to the zombie, which for me is the major point, and a good thing.

I am also assuming that yumiko is a name of some sort. But I also think that since it is a recipe, it will make the zombies hungry and want to eat all of the garlic. Since it is a recipe, I can’t see how anyone could take it seriously and think the zombies would actually need so much garlic.

I think that the recipe is very good and has a lot of great flavors. I dont think it is a recipe for zombie. And I think that if you dont know what you are doing with garlic, you could end up with a lot of vinegar in there.


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