truice young

April 7, 2021

I’ve always had a hard time with it: when people have no idea what to say, they just put me down. So, I decided to share my thoughts and experiences about it.

As a new kid on a small island with a few other kids, I have a few stories to tell about the island. It’s called the Turtle Island, after the famous Turtle Island that was developed as a research facility for people who wanted to learn about the island.

If you are on the Turtle Island then you will be a part of the story – if you are on the Turtle Island, you won’t be on the Turtle Island. You might be at the Turtle Island learning about the island, but you won’t be learning about the Turtle Island.

So, in the trailer you can see a couple of kids playing in the jungle, and one of them is wearing a purple shirt. Is it a symbol of Purple Turtle Island? I don’t know. It kinda doesn’t look like a turtle, and I’m not sure if it’s a symbol for the island or if it’s like a symbol of a particular school/group of kids.

According to the trailer, it seems as though the Purple Turtle Island is a schoolgroup of kids, and while it’s not explicitly stated, it’s implied that the school is a large part of the Turtle Island. If you’re a young viewer, you might think it’s a schoolgroup of kids because it has purple shirts and purple-ish colors.

Yes, but it’s also kind of a weird place. The trailer gives the impression that the Purple Turtle Island is more school-like than the more traditional school-like island. This is because its a school where the children are taught in very specific ways. They learn the skills, so to speak, necessary to survive and then the kids can go out into the real world and live their own lives.

Its basically a place where the kids go to learn and have fun. The school is not where they go to be trained. The Purple Turtle Island is where they go to live and learn how to be a good human being. This is not the same as prison or the military.

The school is definitely not prison, but its not just a place for kids either. The kids go to the school because they want to learn and live their own lives. They do not go to the Purple Turtle Island to be trained. Its not even a prison. It is a place where the kids go to be instructed and taught how to be good human beings.

The goal of truice young is not just to be taught and taught, it is to learn how to live. It is a place where the kids go to learn and live how to be good human beings. Not just that, the kids learn how to be good human beings, but also how to live life in a healthy way. They learn about what we all have in common and how we all have a responsibility to one another. They learn what is right and wrong in living a good life.

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