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May 30, 2021

In this week’s episode, I talk to Mark Cuban, who is the owner of a restaurant chain called Cubano. Cubano is a Spanish phrase that means “the height of a person”. Cuban is a restaurant chain that has more than 200 restaurants throughout the country.

When we first started watching Mark in the show, you know he had the exact same height as you. He’s been working his ass off for years, and he’s really into the restaurant scene. I can’t help but think of this as a place where he’s got this attitude about what the restaurant scene is like. That’s more than any of the other characters in the show, but I think that’s the best part of the whole experience.

Some of the characters seem to be looking at their food and talking to themselves, but they’re actually eating it up. The best part about the whole experience is the fact that it’s a pretty good place to eat.

I just recently got a few emails from a guy who was talking about how he was really excited about a new restaurant he was looking at but had to wait too long to book it.

I can see why. With all the characters looking at their food, there is no excuse for them to be eating it too. If they only ate half of it they would only gain a small bit of weight, and if they only ate one piece that would only gain more weight.

We are also told that the restaurant is called “The Island of Happiness.” I’m pretty sure that’s not a coincidence either, but it’s nice to know that the “Island of Happiness” is also the place where you can get cheap, tasty, and well-cooked meals. Now if only Mark Cuben would start talking about how he is really excited about the food.

Mark Cuben is supposed to be our new-age boss. He is our friend and it’s hard to believe that, but he is so focused on the job we are all worried about, that he is starting to talk about what a job it is. He is being the boss of a new project that we all want to keep at bay. He is having an incredibly high level of self-awareness and wants to have his company all to himself, not to mention his children.

What we can see from the trailer is Mark Cuben is a high level of self-awareness and doesn’t really care what anyone thinks. Yes, he is having his company, and yes, he is trying to keep it all to himself, but when his friends start to talk, he is still having a conversation with them about the latest and greatest food from their favorite food truck.

The reason that Mark Cuben has so much self-awareness is that he wants to get out of the house and run away from the house, but he’s afraid to get out until he gets back, and he wants to keep going. So of course he wants to get into the house and run away.

That is one of the things that makes the latest trailer so great: He’s not going to let anyone else get in his head. He may be a smart guy, but he’s not a smart guy who is comfortable with other people’s brains in his head. He is, however, a smart guy who is comfortable with his own brain.

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