jorge jesus

March 13, 2021

“For the love of god please stop!” says the guy who is trying to kill himself repeatedly in his car. Don’t be surprised if you’ve heard that before.

You know, the thing about trying to kill yourself repeatedly in your car is that you end up doing it in the trunk or something. So what do you do if you end up in a trunk? Well, you have to stop the flow of blood and fluids to your car, then get out and wait for a helicopter to come and pick you up. And while you’re waiting for a helicopter, you can look at the stars and try to see if you’re in heaven or hell.

For the first time in a while I’ll be thinking about you.

When it comes to death, the stars are the only thing that stops you from going down to hell. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to tell my friend to get the fuck out of my car, and he’s still sitting there, completely limp.

The only thing that can stop us from going to hell is not going to hell.

It’s a strange phenomenon. People tend to say “I’m going to hell!” and then get there. In the same breath, people tend to say “I’m going to heaven!” and then get there in the exact same week.

The only thing that can stop us from going to hell, is not going to hell. So we know we have to go to hell. Hell is a place of pain. Its not a place of joy. Hell is the place of eternal, eternal damnation. We can’t stop ourselves from going there. We can’t avoid hell. We have to get up out of that seat and make it.

In Deathloop, you’re only allowed to shoot dead. The game’s no longer allowed to kill any player, but rather we can kill them. We can even shoot someone in the head without a corpse present.

There are several ways to die in Deathloop. The most common is a blow to the head. This means your brain is ruptured by the force of the shot. Sometimes the player will simply die from other causes. The most horrible of these is when players get shot from behind. Their brains are ruptured from the force of the shrapnel. If this occurs, youll be taken back to your chair, and youll have to wait there until the next round of deaths.

As you might expect, jorge jesus is not a fun character. He’s basically an angry, angry man, and he spends most of his time yelling at people. He also has the weird ability to jump around and take control of objects. In fact, Deathloop’s first level features a character in the shape of a large man who jumps from one place to another, making it difficult to determine which one is jorge jesus.

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