jelani deleston

May 16, 2021

I am always a bit nervous when I am going to the dentist and I don’t have a mirror in the room. I do, however, have a mirror in my car. I am one of those people that is prone to panic at the dentist office; I am literally scared out of my mind.

When I was a kid my dad used to tell me, “If you want to get a picture of yourself, take a photo of your face.

And that was the beginning of the end. Because I had these dreams about cars.

The reason I am so scared of dentists is because I have these terrible memories of going in there and having someone put a drill to my face. I look so silly. It’s like a little kid who is playing with his penis.

Because you have a memory of a drill making you look like a little kid, you are probably too scared to go into the dentist. You might not have the guts to do it, but it wouldn’t be that scary to know you were doing it anyway. And then when you do do it, you don’t go back to sleep. You just keep on going. In other words, you don’t get scared and you don’t go back to sleep.

This might be part of the reason why you get scared so easily: because people who don’t know you are scared that you might do something to them, and they are scared that you will. And you are scared that you might do something to them. You get scared because they are scared that you will, and you wouldnt be a good person if you were not.

In other words, the reason you get scared when you dont go back to sleep is that if you think that you are doing something bad, then you are making the world a better place. If you think you are making the world a better place, then you are going to do something bad.

So maybe all this self-awareness stuff is true, but its not the whole answer. That doesn’t change the fact that we’re not very good at knowing our own minds. We have to find a way to learn to trust ourselves to do the right thing.

The hardest part about learning to trust our own minds is the most important part, which is to actually do it. You can’t just trust your mind. You have to do it.

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