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May 6, 2021

The most recent release from hip-hop artist, K.M.D.’s, “Totally Free,” is a brand new track that is a perfect example of the kind of music that is not only catchy, but is also well-executed and well-played and most of all, catchy.

It’s refreshing to see a new artist who has a sound that isn’t only catchy, but is also well-executed and well-played and most of all, catchy. It’s almost like a new trend in hip-hop; they are mixing hip-hop with pop and rap.

Although Totally Free plays with the idea of a genre, i feel that it has alot more potential. The only problem is that it isnt really any different from any other of the other tracks. Its just that this one isnt really a rap song. This is a good song, but its not really hip-hop. Its just a couple of good, catchy songs together.

Well, I guess you could say it’s a bit of a departure from the norm. Although it’s not exactly a hip-hop song, it’s not really a hip-hop song, either. It’s more of an uptempo dance song that’s really good. Its not really that catchy, but its catchy enough to be catchy.

Well, just like any other dance song, this one isnt really an actual rap song. It contains a lot of hip-hop references, but they’re only ones that are referenced in the lyrics. The rest of the lyrics are just good. The vocals are good, and the song isnt really that different from any of the other tracks, except for the fact that it doesnt really feature any hip-hop or rap lyrics.

Most rap songs are very generic songs. Most of them are just rapping about cars, or guns, or girls, or whatever. The only part of rap songs that I really enjoy is when they are actually about something that has a bit of depth or meaning. This is the case with this song. Its not just a generic rap song, its actually about something that has depth or meaning to it. It’s not just about all the cool hip-hop references.

It is. I dont mean that I like all the rhymes in this song though. I mean that I love the way the song flows and creates an interesting atmosphere. Its a song that does something that I would consider cool by itself. Its a song that makes me want to go outside and play with other people, even though I’m not really the most social person. Thats why I love the raps in this song.

I love the way the song sounds, but I think the reason I love it is because it reminds me of my favorite rappers of all time, in some weird way. In the beginning of the song, I thought something was wrong because the lyrics sounded so off, but then I realized it was all in my head. I loved it then, but now I think of it as just some random funny track from the mid-2000s.

The song is called “Hip Hop”, and it’s a song about hip-hop. It’s about hip-hop, but it’s also a song about the music that made it hip-hop. That’s why it makes sense that the song sounds so similar to some of the rappers’ recent albums. It’s a song about the music that made hip-hop cool.

The lyrics are all really close to the hip-hop lyrics, but there is a lot more to the song than the lyrics. I’ve tried to keep them short with just some simple lyrics.


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