fnaf 2 chica

April 22, 2022

So, I’ve been taking my wife to my dad’s house a lot lately. He has a large, fully-furnished basement and it has been a great place to go to with her as a big kid. But it has also been a place where he has been really busy.

The last time we were over there, he and his wife had just finished painting this huge wall. Its awesome.

Yeah, the wall is awesome. It’s the one thing in our house that we do together, my wife and I. It’s got a huge mirror and a bunch of mirrors, and we each have our own small spaces there. I’m the guy who has the space to hang art on the wall. I have my art hanging on the mirror. He has his art on the wall. On the walls we have big, big mirrors where we sit and look at each other.

I wonder if he’s just really good at taking care of his wife. Like, he’s a good husband, and a very good father. But the idea that he has to look at his wife’s art every day makes me a little uncomfortable.

So, do you have a mirror? I bet his wife does. You should take a photo of him and your wife in the mirror and send it to us. And if you do, we would love to see it.

I bet that all of these mirrors would be more than a little creepy. Its like walking into a room and finding all of your favorite pictures sitting side-by-side on the walls. I guess thats why we have to be in a time loop.

In our time loop, all the mirrors are in the same place and in the same order, but you can only see a few pictures at once. But when you look at it in reverse, the pictures are back in order, so you can look at them all at the same time. As you look at the mirror, you can see the picture in the mirror the same way you would see it in real life.

To make it even more interesting, your head turns to face the mirror, then turn to face that same mirror and it’s reversed. You look at the mirror and you see what you look at in real life. The game actually has an amazing camera system that allows you to see the photo in the reflection of the wall that way, and the mirrors appear in the center of the picture.

It’s cool stuff. If you’re already a fan of the original, you will probably like this one as well. It’s also possible to play as a man, but that’s really not necessary. There are two characters, one female and one male, and they all have unique powers. The male character has a gun, the female character has a sword, and both have the ability to run and jump.


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