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March 21, 2021

I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing the rich have the best financial habits. They can pay off their bills before the sun hits the ground and they’re able to save up for retirement before their assets start to grow.

This is not to say that high-income individuals don’t have a problem with money. But in general, we all have more or less the same money, so its not like its not the same amount.

I think the reason people dont save as much as they should is because theyre afraid of the future. Money and financial planning are two pretty important parts of life, and most of us dont seem to really take care of it. I think most people who are making money also like to spend it, but its hard to say and not sure if its a good idea to think about it.

Money is not the only thing we spend money on. We also buy things to give us the feeling that its our money, and if it werent for that, we wouldnt be spending it. We buy things that make us feel good, like a good car or a great vacation, or we buy things for our kids that teach them that money is a good thing.

The same is true of our spending habits. It doesnt take much to know that we are spending money, and that it is what we spend it on. But we don’t always know why. Sometimes we just think spending money is a good thing, and so we buy stuff that makes us feel good, but we dont know whether it makes us feel good or not.

The good news is that like most people, us nerds have a few strategies for avoiding spending money foolishly. One is to know what it is we spent it on before we actually do anything with it. In the end, most of us end up spending more money than we realize, because spending money foolishly is the easiest way to waste it. Then there is another strategy we all employ, and that is to stop spending money because it feels good, but never stop spending because it feels good.

You’re probably thinking, “I spend my money just like everyone else, why’s it so hard for me to not spend money foolishly?” Well, for starters, I’m not spending much money at all. I’m just a fan of online bill paying, so most of my money is spent on rewards and things I’ve accumulated. I’m not going to spend my money on random things just because it feels good, but also I’ll avoid spending too much money just because it feels good.

The other reason you may not be spending money foolishly is that youre not spending it quickly. In fact, youre spending a lot of it. Youre spending $10,000 in five minutes when you could have spent it on something really nice, like going out to dinner with friends.

Ive found that the more I spend money on things I really want, the more I want them. If I want a specific object or a specific car, I know I can go out and buy it and save my money. Sometimes I do make mistakes, and sometimes I get things for free, but its usually pretty easy to see how much money youre spending, and how much money you want.

It is easy to see how much money you have spent in a few seconds by just checking out your credit card statement. I know my net worth has quadrupled in five years and will probably continue to do that. For example, in a few years I had a huge 401k with very generous interest rates. I used my 401k to buy a new, expensive laptop for my business, and then I used the money in the 401k to build a new house, which doubled my net worth.

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