emily ruth may

April 30, 2021

We are all prone to some degree of self-awareness. Some of us more than others. How we deal with our emotions, what we think and feel, and what we do are all things that are influenced by our thoughts, perceptions of reality, and our relationship to others and the world around us. Understanding ourselves and our environment is essential if we want to maintain a healthy sense of self and perspective so that we can move forward.

Emoting can be a powerful tool for helping us to remember who we are and what we’re doing in the world, but in my experience it can also often make us feel very small and insecure. The irony is that we often feel more comfortable when we share a little bit about ourselves with others. When we feel more connected to the world, we feel more connected to each other.

But when we feel more disconnected from the world, we feel more disconnected from each other, which makes us feel even smaller and insecure. Emoting can help to restore our sense of self and perspective, but it can also do the exact opposite. For example, when I can’t share a little bit about myself with others, I feel even more disconnected from them. I’m not saying that your feelings about yourself are bad.

Emoting is not about feeling connected to others, but to them. When we feel less connected to other people, we feel less connected to each other.

Empathy is the ability to sense that others are being messed up or that we’re being foolish. Empathy is also the ability to sense that others are being confused when they’re being called to help these people with their problems. Empathy is a tool designed to help you sort through the mess you’re in. Empathy is also the ability to imagine you’re a “good” person and help you see your problem as being a “bad” one.

Empathy is a skill. It’s the ability to understand what other people are going through. It’s the ability to let yourself feel sadness, anger, fear, and confusion.

This is why we have empathy skills, which are the tools we use to help ourselves and others feel more understood and less alone. The problem is that some of us have a hard time feeling more understood. We end up hiding behind these skills, and we miss out on the opportunity to learn from them.

The “happiest” skill in the game is empathy. It’s the ability to see what others are doing, and to put yourself in their place. If you’re supposed to be able to see the things others are doing, you’re supposed to put yourself out there. But it’s not really possible. It’s just that you have to make a choice, and you have to be patient. When you’re choosing to be kind, you have to make choices and be patient.

And you also have to decide when you think you’re being kind. When youve done something really kind to someone who just came back from a horrible accident, you might feel like youve been a lot kind to someone who just came back from a horrible accident. But youre not being kind. Youre being kind because youve made a choice to be kind. And youve kept yourself in a constant state of patience.


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