david caspe

April 21, 2021

david caspe is a self-aware, self-assured, humble, and self-reflective painter who gives you an important lesson about yourself. He’s also a self-assured, self-reflective artist, and a painter of real-world experiences. In this article, I’ll share some of his more profound, self-aware, self-assured, self-reflective art.

Many of you are probably familiar with his works, but if not, his website is a great place to see his art and learn more about him. If you are into self-aware art, you might also like his video blog, where he shares his art and experiences on a regular basis.

This article is about David Caspe, a self-aware artist who is well known for his paintings of real-world experiences. Although his works are often realistic, he also paints works that are not. The main subject here is his first video art “Drowning” (2014) and his first book “Self-Assertion” (2015).

These videos were posted to his personal YouTube channel after the video art Drowning 2014 was released. The videos were a combination of several projects Caspe was working on.

The first project is called Self-Assertion 2015, which is based on a real-world experience Caspe created on the birthday of his mother. I’ve written about this video in a previous post. This is the first project I’ve been to that I’ve been working on and that I’ve kept in mind over the years. I’ve had to make every attempt to make it as realistic as possible.

The next project is called The Bitter Pill. This is a series of videos that will be made about the various issues that people have with the current state of the world. The videos will be made on a regular basis, and are based on the subjects that were presented on the previous projects. The videos will be posted on my YouTube channel as they come out.

It’s been my experience that people like to take out a lot of things and then post them on their own website. The actual videos will be posted.

A few weeks ago I wrote an essay called “The End of the World.” The idea behind it was to show people that even though we all seem to be headed for hell, most of us are not as crazy as they seem.

Well that essay was never posted. I guess I had one of those days. I’m so happy that my essay was not published because I got to watch it in full on YouTube. The video does a great job of explaining how the world will end and the effects it will have on us. It’s a bit long, but it gives a good overview of what I’m going to start doing once I have a few years to live.

The good news is that the video is coming soon. Now I need to figure out what to do with all the videos I have of myself that I never watched. I have a lot of them.


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