Bihar Police Exam Schedule Announced

May 22, 2024

The Bihar Police Department recently announced the exam schedule for various posts in the department, eliciting both anticipation and apprehension among candidates. The highly competitive nature of police exams, coupled with the rigorous selection process, makes it imperative for aspiring candidates to be well-prepared and informed about the exam schedule, pattern, and other relevant details. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the detailed exam schedule announced by the Bihar Police Department, along with key preparation tips for candidates to excel in the upcoming exams.

Understanding the Bihar Police Exam Schedule

The Bihar Police Department conducts exams for various posts such as Police Constable, Sub-Inspector (SI), Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI), and Home Guard among others. The exam schedule released by the department outlines the dates for the different stages of the selection process, including:

Preliminary Examination

  • The preliminary examination is the first stage of the selection process.
  • It consists of objective type questions to test the basic knowledge of candidates.
  • The exam date, time, and exam centers are specified in the exam schedule.

Main Examination

  • Candidates who qualify in the preliminary examination proceed to the main examination.
  • The main examination is more comprehensive and tests the in-depth knowledge of candidates.
  • The schedule for the main examination, including dates and examination centers, is provided by the Bihar Police Department.

Physical Efficiency Test (PET)

  • After the written examinations, candidates have to undergo the Physical Efficiency Test (PET).
  • The PET tests the physical fitness of candidates and includes tasks such as running, long jump, high jump, etc.
  • The schedule for the PET is an important aspect of the overall exam schedule.

Document Verification

  • Once candidates clear the written exams and PET, they have to undergo document verification.
  • The schedule for document verification, including the list of required documents and verification centers, is mentioned in the exam schedule.

Key Preparation Tips for Bihar Police Exams

Preparing for police exams requires dedication, focus, and a structured approach. Here are some key preparation tips to help candidates excel in the Bihar Police exams:

Understand the Exam Pattern

  • Familiarize yourself with the exam pattern for each stage of the selection process.
  • Practice previous year question papers to understand the type of questions asked.

Create a Study Schedule

  • Devise a study schedule that allocates sufficient time for each subject/topic.
  • Revise regularly to retain information effectively.

Physical Fitness

  • Focus on physical fitness along with academic preparation.
  • Regular exercise and practice for physical tasks included in the PET.

Stay Informed

  • Keep track of the exam schedule and important dates.
  • Check the official Bihar Police website regularly for updates and notifications.

Seek Guidance

  • Join coaching classes for exam preparation if needed.
  • Seek guidance from experts for specific topics or doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Bihar Police Exam Schedule

Q1: When will the Bihar Police exams be conducted?

A1: The exam dates are specified in the exam schedule released by the Bihar Police Department.

Q2: How can I download the Bihar Police exam schedule?

A2: The exam schedule can be downloaded from the official Bihar Police website in the notifications section.

Q3: What is the marking scheme for Bihar Police exams?

A3: The marking scheme varies for each exam and is usually mentioned in the exam notification.

Q4: Are there any age restrictions for candidates appearing in Bihar Police exams?

A4: Yes, there are specific age criteria mentioned in the exam notification for each post.

Q5: Can I make changes to my exam center preferences after submitting the application?

A5: No, changes to exam centers are generally not allowed after the submission of the application form.

Q6: Is there negative marking in Bihar Police exams?

A6: Negative marking, if any, is mentioned in the exam notification and varies for different exams.

Q7: What are the physical fitness requirements for the PET in Bihar Police exams?

A7: The physical fitness requirements are specified in the exam notification and may vary for different posts.

Q8: How can I stay updated about any changes in the exam schedule?

A8: Regularly check the official Bihar Police website for updates and notifications regarding the exam schedule.

Q9: Are calculators allowed in the exam hall?

A9: The use of calculators or any electronic devices is generally not allowed in the exam hall. Check the exam guidelines for specific rules.

Q10: Can I request a change in the exam date due to unforeseen circumstances?

A10: Requests for changes in the exam date are usually not entertained unless under exceptional circumstances. Contact the exam conducting authority for further clarification.

By following these preparation tips, aspiring candidates can enhance their chances of success in the Bihar Police exams. Stay focused, stay determined, and give your best effort to ace the exams and start a rewarding career in the Bihar Police Department.

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