abe cunningham

April 12, 2021

Just because we aren’t sure why we need a certain kind of self-awareness doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use it.

In the short time Ive had this blog, Ive learned two new things about myself. Ive learned that my self-awareness isnt quite as much of a blessing as it used to be. In fact, the self-awareness Ive discovered is often a curse. Ive learned that when I dont use it, I become a boring bitch.

You might have heard of the internet’s most famous self-awareness experiment, where subjects were asked to type the words “I’m a man” or “I’m a woman” on a website. It turns out these subjects were using their self-awareness to self-regulate their emotions, and were less concerned about their self-awareness affecting their behavior. This experiment showed that people only use their self-awareness to regulate their emotions, and that self-awareness is an extremely fragile thing.

That being said, as a person with strong self-awareness I might be inclined to become a bit too obsessed with my own emotions and behavior, so it’s probably best to just let them rule my life. If I do start acting in ways that don’t seem right, then it’s probably best to just let my emotions have their way and just leave it at that.

I think the most important thing to remember is that even though we are aware of our own behavior, we can’t really control it. We can’t really direct our emotions, our actions, our thoughts, or the time we spend on whatever task it is we’re on. It’s just us. We can’t really change ourselves, so we need to be able to let the universe decide what we feel and do.

Its very important for you to remember that you are not actually a person. You are a system of energy that only you can perceive and control. The best way to do that is to realize that you are a collection of little bits of energy that are all interacting with each other.

So when I say that you are not actually a person, I am referring to you as an energy entity. Because that is just how you work. But because you are a collection of energy, you are also a collection of thoughts, actions, and emotions. You don’t have a mind or a body. At best you are a brain that thinks like a brain.

In an effort to demonstrate just how much power he has over energy, abe cunningham has created a new game called abe cunningham: Life.

It’s not too long before abe cunningham is going to be the only person alive. It takes place in a virtual reality world where a man named abe cunningham has the ability to control the energy in his body and the world as a whole. But he is also constantly aware of his surroundings, so he has to learn to use his energy wisely.


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